SPiiPlus ADK套件

SPiiPlus ADK套件


SPiiPlusNT Suite with Full Simulator


Better Tools for Faster Setup, Development & Diagnostics


The SPiiPlusNT suite of software tools is designed to minimize time to market while providing the flexibility to meet the specific machine requirements throughout its entire life cycle. It provides extraordinarily easy setup, fast application development, and quick diagnostics for all SPiiPlus control products. All tools include a controller simulator, powerful remote access and diagnostics, and fast error recovery, thus reducing training effort and costs. With the SPiiPlus Simulator, you can develop the entire Windows host front end application, and real time PLC and motion programs. A full simulation of your entire machine can be developed, using ACSPL+ programs to emulate real life changes of inputs, outputs, safety faults, errors and more. The front end and machine control software can then be logically tested and debugged from a desktop or laptop computer without attaching any hardware.

The SPiiPlus NT Suite, includes:

  • SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio
  • SPiiPlus Utilities for software maintenance and application management
  • Full documentation of all ACS products and software tools
  • Comprehensive training program





Host programming libraries integrate seamlessly with SPiiPlus Controller or SPiiPlus Controller Simulator






开发人员可以使用 MATLAB 的强大功能轻松开发应用程序并缩短产品上市时间。





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