SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.70 Release

SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.70 Release


SPiiPlus ADK Suite Version 2.70 is Released          

ACS Motion Control is pleased to release SPiiPlus ADK software version 2.70 for all ACS’ products.
It is available for download at: 
SPiiPlus ADK Suite Download  
(for registered customers only).


SPiiPlus ADK v2.70 features an updated MMI Application Studio which includes

  • New and updated ACSPL+ functions, commands, and variables
  • Support for new products and features

SPiiPlus ADK v2.70 includes the ACS Knowledge Center within the SPiiPlusMMI Application Studio and as a standalone application available as a separate download.

A CD with the SPiiPlus ADK Suite is not provided with ACS controller hardware.

New Products Supported

  • Two new versions of the MPU
    • A 1.46GHz Dual Core processor for all controllers supporting up to 32 axes with CTIME
      of 0.25ms – 1.00ms (1-4kHz)
    • A 1.91GHz Quad Core processor for all controllers supporting 64 axes with CTIME of
      0.5ms – 1.00ms (1-2kHz) or controllers supporting up to 8 axes with CTIME of 0.2ms
  • ​The MP4U is available in the following configurations
    • ​MP4U (EtherCAT slave only)
    • MP4U (EtherCAT master with up to 4 built-in drives)
    • MP4U (EtherCAT master with up to 4 built-in drives and DS402 drive)

SPiiPlus ADK New Capabilities and Features 

  • MotionBoost
    • MotionBoostis a new motion type that can reduce settling time for short moves with
      high accelerations.
  • Short motion profiles at 20kHz
    • A new motion profile allows smoother execution of short motion paths.
  • Relative Coordinates Support for XSEG and BSEG Motions
    • A new switch for the XSEG and BSEG commands supports relative coordinates.
  • Feedrate Override
    • Until now the Feed Rate override feature supported G-code programs only. This version
      adds support for ACSPL+.
  • EtherCAT Rescue Scan
    • The new network scan feature will find the location of an EtherCAT network failure and
      report it to the user.
  • Dynamic Error Compensation Enhancements
    • Enhancements for the dynamic error compensation mechanism supporting 1D and 2D
      error compensation and other new features.
  • GSP G&M Code Extensions
    • Error handling corrections and new M-Codes to set ACC, JERK, DEC, KDEC and other
  • Variable Initialization
    • User defined arrays and variables can be initialized with values during the definition stage,
      this initialization will be performed during the compilation stage. Variables can be
      initialized in all buffers. Arrays can be initialized in the D-Buffer only.
  • Constant Variables
    • The user may define constant variables or arrays; after definition they may not be
  • SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio
    • Adjuster wizard improvements, enhanced FRF Analyzer Tools, MP4U support.
  • Stepper Closed-loop Position Correction
    • New position correction mechanism to correct the actual position of the stepper motor.
  • New ACSPL+ Commands, Functions, and Variables
  • Updated ACSPL+ Commands, Functions, and Variables



New Documents

  • SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.70 Release Notes

Updated Documents

  • SPiiPlus ACSPL+ Programmer's Guide
  • SPiiPlus Command & Variable Reference Guide
  • SPiiPlusSC User Guide
  • GSP_G&M Codes Extension to ACSPL+ Reference Guide
  • SPiiPlus C Library Programmer Guide
  • SPiiPlus COM Library Programmer Guide
  • SPiiPlus .NET Programmers Guide

SPiiPlusSC Installation

  • SPiiPlusSC FW 2.70 requires full Installation of the SPiiPlusSC 2.70 installation
  • SPiiPlusSC Installation 2.60 does not support older FW versions

The SPiiPlusSC Soft Controller Installation software V2.70 is now available on a USB flash disk, as an optional accessory.



Updated Documents

  • SPiiPlusSC User Guide


Software download and instructions: SPiiPlus ADK Suite 
For registered customers.

Complete and detailed information: RN SPiiPlus ADK Suite v2.70

'Application and Release Notes' (For registered customers)